Professional Pediatric Eye Care Services

Bring your child to Dr. Stock for excellent pediatric eye care services. Dr. Stock will perform an examination appropriate for the developmental stage of your child to make sure your child’s vision is progressing at a normal rate.

Children should have eye exams by their pediatrician or family doctor as they develop. By age three to four, they should be able to participate in vision testing. Most children are screened at school to ensure their vision is good.

Any history of childhood eye or vision problems should be communicated to your child’s primary care doctor to help him or her evaluate your child. As long as your child does well in these exams, there is no need for a complete exam.

Common Eye Symptoms for Children

Give us a call to set up an appointment if your child experiences any of these symptoms.

  • Eyes that drift apart or across
  • Watering eye
  • Squinting or blinking
  • Eye redness
  • Closure of one eye
  • Unusual head position, tilt or turn